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Medical Transcription Career

Medical transcription is one of the best home-based careers available. Forget about stuffing envelopes or selling the latest multi-level marketing scheme. Why not consider instead an exciting and profitable home-based career in medical transcription?

Medical transcription is the process of converting voice dictation files into written reports that become part of a patient's permanent medical record. Doctors dictate audio recordings about each patient's visit. The audio dictations are sent to a skilled medical transcriptionist to be transcribed into typed reports. These reports become part of the patientís permanent record.

If the dictation was created with voice-recognition software, then the transcriptionist will need to proofread and edit the document. The document created by the voice-recognition software is not considered a report until it has been edited by a medical transcriptionist. This is known as medical transcription editing.

With the technology we have today, most medical transcription is now performed by medical transcriptionists who work at home. Individuals with good typing skills are in demand in the growing medical transcription career field.

As the population continues to age, healthcare careers will continue to be some of the fastest growing career opportunities in the country. The demand for medical transcriptionists is increasing, what better time to launch a new career that allows you to stay at home?

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